Welcome to the website for the Greater Fairfield Region Chapter (GFRC) of Connecticut Association for the Education of Young Children (formerly FCAEYC). We are the local chapter of the state (CTAEYC) and national (NAEYC) organizations.
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Our Mission

Our Vision

The mission of GFRC is to support, promote and advocate for high quality early childhood care and education throughout our community for young children, families and professionals.  We accomplish this mission by offering a variety of opportunities to meet other professionals in the field and to network with people who work in a diverse group of early childhood settings. These opportunities include workshops and forums that promote networking and individualized learning through self-reflection.

GFRC’s vision focuses on three broad goals:

Goal 1. Facilitating improvements in the professional practice and working conditions in the field of early childhood education by creating professional development opportunities/resources and by setting and promoting standards of professional practice;

Goal 2. Improving public understanding and support and funding of high-quality programs in centers, homes, and schools serving young children and their families through public initiatives and public awareness and engagement activities; and

Goal 3. Building and maintaining a strong diverse, and inclusive organization that enables GFRC to achieve goal 1 and 2.

Our Values

o  Garnering the commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm of people by providing opportunities for participation, contribution, and building consensus on critical issues;

o  Valuing and respecting diverse viewpoints and perspectives in all aspects of the practice of early childhood education;

o  Promoting inclusion, access, and nondiscrimination in the full range of programs serving young children, their families, and adults preparing to work in early childhood;

o  Designing programs and services that support individuals and collective efforts to improve all early childhood programs that operates with a variety of sponsors, funding sources, and structures;

o  Encouraging and supporting a strong network of Chapters who provide leadership and professionals growth opportunities at all levels;

o  Supporting the development of individuals’ professional competence and attitudes through education, inspiration, and modeling;

o  Designing learning experiences and products that promote recognition of early childhood professional expertise;

o  Building and maintaining a strong organizational structure and presence to provide leadership, coordination and services.

Board Members

Co- Presidents: Joan Parris and Rosalie Witt

Past President: Priscilla Woyke

Vice President and Communications Chair: Jen Heslin

Vice President and Professional Development Chair: Vacant

Public Policy: Beth Nickerson

At Large Members: Beth Nickerson, Maureen Murphy, Carol Hammond, Kathy Stewart, Marianne Kay

Nominating: Vacant


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Board Meetings

Board meetings will be held monthly and are open to all.  The full list of 2020-2021 Board Meeting dates  and Zoom registration links can be found here or at the document button below:

April 29: Thursday @ 4:30pm

Register here:   https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwuf-uhpz4sHNGSe1-mWvlYViWD-aQzESCI

May 27: Thursday @ 4:30pm

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEkd--gqjkoHddsV4MJj6NSM5eJtSVdfTOp

The full list of 2020-2021 Board Meeting dates  and Zoom registration links can be found here: 

Our Workshops

Dear Member of GFRC of CTAEYC,

We know that this year will be like no other year. The opening of our programs, whether center or home-based, will present new challenges as we continue to endure the pandemic. As your local representatives of NAEYC, our goal this year is to focus on advocacy and make sure that our stories are heard by those who represent us. The future of early care and education relies on state and federal policy changes that create infrastructure and sustainable wages. In partnership with CTAEYC, we pledge to keep our eyes on what is happening to be a strong community voice. All professional development opportunities will be provided by CTAEYC. Stay tuned for advertised Saturday Academies and other options that allow continued staff growth and development. 

May 13:  Practical Strategies to Promote Self-Care and Wellness

on Thursday, May 13th from 4:45-6:00pm, Inge-Lise Titheradge, a mental health consultant that works with the Early Childhood Consultation Partnership team, will help us identify stress in our lives and provide practical strategies to promote self-care and wellness.  She'll also focus on how to handle stressful times in the classroom before, during, and after they occur.

Click to register:   https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEpcOGgpzkiHd1brFpmrxNRyaOD5owcMcwJ

Public Policy

Kids in Preschool

We collaborate with the CTAEYC Public Policy Committee to monitor legislative and administrative policy developments that affect young children, their families, early childhood educators and early care professionals, on the local, state, national and international level.  For more information, visit the following websites:

CT Early Childhood Alliance

CT Office of Early Childhood

CT Department of Education


CT Commission on Children

CT Office of the Child

CT Voices for Children

Interested in getting all the latest public policy updates? Sign up for NAEYC Children’s Champions.

Follow this link to find your Connecticut legislators


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