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Looking for an ECE program in CT? Click the link below for a listing and map of all CT Early Childhood Degree programs

ECE Degree Programs in CT

As an added member benefit, we would like to offer a free webinar which is very popular with child care owners and directors. It provides information on technology tools they can use to manage and market their schools.

FREE WEBINAR: Technology That’s Right for Early Care Providers!

Another member resource we offer is the Early-childhood archive, including advice, teaching strategies, and appropriate practice guidelines from those prominent early-childhood experts that you’ve come to rely on

• New articles from your favorite Early Childhood Today experts as well as early-childhood experts new to the Scholastic family

• Exciting activities to engage and inspire every child in your classroom

• Answers to questions about classroom management, behavior issues, developmental expectations, and more

• Monthly themes and theme-based support materials that will guide your program planning throughout the year

• The latest news and trends happening in our field today

• Strategies for successful parent-involvement programming

• Free prizes

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