Greater Fairfield Region Chapter

(Formerly: The Fairfield County Association for the Education of Young Children/FCAEYC)

Welcome to the new webpage of the Greater Fairfield Region Chapter (GFRC) of Connecticut Association for the Education of Young Children (formerly FCAEYC). We are the local chapter of the state (CTAEYC) and national (NAEYC) organizations.

Our Contact:  

Questions? Contact the Greater Fairfield Region Chapter of CTAEYC at:  [email protected]

Our Meetings:  

Please click the link below for a schedule of our upcoming board meetings.

Board Meeting Dates 2018-2019

Our Mission:

The mission of GFRC is to support, promote and advocate for high quality early childhood care and education throughout our community for young children, families and professionals.  We accomplish this mission by offering a variety of opportunities to meet other professionals in the field and to network with people who work in a diverse group of early childhood settings. These opportunities include newsletters, workshops, and forums.

Our Vision:

GFRC’s vision focuses on three broad goals:
Goal 1. Facilitating improvements in the professional practice and working conditions in the field of early childhood education by creating professional development opportunities/resources and by setting and promoting standards of professional practice;
Goal 2. Improving public understanding and support and funding of high quality programs in centers, homes, and schools serving young children and their families through public initiatives and public awareness and engagement activities; and
Goal 3. Building and maintaining a strong diverse, and inclusive organization that enables FCAEYC to achieve goal 1 and 2.

Our Values:

GFRC’s value statements are as follows:

  • Garnering the commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm of people by providing opportunities for participation. Contribution, and building consensus on critical issues;
  • Valuing and respecting diverse viewpoints and perspectives in all aspects of the practice of early childhood education;
  • Promoting inclusion, access, and nondiscrimination in the full range of programs serving young children, their families, and adults preparing to work in early childhood;
  • Designing programs and services that support individuals and collective efforts to improve all early childhood programs that operates with a variety of sponsors, funding sources, and structures;
  • Encouraging and supporting a strong network of Affiliates who provide leadership and professionals growth opportunities at all levels;
  • Supporting the development of individuals’ professional competence and attitudes through education, persuasion, and modeling;
  • Designing activities and products that promote recognition of early childhood professional expertise;

Building and maintaining a strong organizational structure governance, communication, financial base, headquarters staff and facility- to provide leadership, coordination and services.

Our Board Members:

Co- Presidents: Joan Parris and Rosalie Witt
Past President: Priscilla Woyke
Vice President and Communications Chair: Jen Heslin
Vice President and Professional Development Chair: Dana Gorman
Public Policy: Beth Nickerson
At Large Members: Margee Ready, Beth Nickerson, Maureen Murphy, Carol Hammond, Kathy Stewart, Marianne Kay
Nominating: Vacant

Our Workshops:

Check back for new GFRC workshops to be announced!

For info, contact the Greater Fairfield Region Chapter of CTAEYC at: [email protected]

Thanks to our partners at The Children’s School in Stamford, CTAEYC members in Fairfield County are welcome to participate in the following workshops free of charge.

Beyond Words: How Language Is Crucial to Children’s Development

Lydia Soifer, Ph.D., a pediatric language and literacy specialist and the founder of the Soifer Center for Learning and Child Development, will discuss how language is foundational to a child’s life and growth from the moment he or she is born. The rapid advances children make in responding to oral language, from infancy on, will be crucial to their ability to think, communicate and write when they are older. Because language development happens so quickly in the early years, it’s all the more important that teachers understand the power of the language they use with children and be mindful of its impact on the development of a child—emotionally, linguistically, cognitively and pragmatically. Dr. Soifer will illuminate all the linguistic milestones children pass as they mature and talk about how their oral language skills will shape their ability to read and write. This workshop for teachers will be held at The Children’s School, 118 Scofieldtown Road in Stamford, on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, at 4 p.m. R.S.V.P to Maureen Murphy at (203) 358-3210.

Sing, Say, Dance, Play!
Integrating First Steps in Music with Orff Schulwerk

This workshop will introduce two complementary approaches to music education, First Steps in Music and Orff Schulwerk. First Steps in Music is a researched-based music curriculum created by Dr. John Feierabend, a leader in music education. The curriculum draws upon traditional folk songs, rhymes and classical masterworks to guide children to becoming more tuneful, beatful and artful. Orff Schulwerk is an approach to building musicianship in every learner through the integration of music, movement, speech and drama. It is based on things children naturally like to do: sing, chant, explore rhymes, clap, dance and keep a beat on anything near at hand.

In this integrated program, participants will explore activities and lessons that can be applied directly in K–2 music classrooms, including voice exploration, fragment singing, simple songs, song tales, and movement both for expression and to keep the beat. It’s a workshop that will engage both experienced music teachers and those new to the techniques of First Steps and Orff Schulwerk.

Chris Tranberg is an active presenter and consultant in music education. He is the former president of the Connecticut chapter of the American Orff Schulwerk Association and a former member of the editorial boards of The Orff Echo and Reverberations. Chris was a founding member of the Feierabend Association for Music Education (FAME) and served as chair of teacher training at the inception of the organization.

This workshop for teachers will be held at The Children’s School,
118 Scofieldtown Road in Stamford, on Saturday, February 9, at 9 a.m.

Our Public Policy:

We collaborate with the CTAEYC Public Policy Committee to monitor legislative and administrative policy developments that affect young children, their families, early childhood educators and early care professionals, on the local, state, national and international level.  For more information, visit the following websites:

CT Early Childhood Alliance

CT Office of Early Childhood

CT Department of Education


CT Commission on Children

CT Office of the Child

CT Voices for Children

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