The Individual Review Route (IRR) ECTC is a FREE opportunity managed by the CT Office of Early Childhood for Early Childhood professionals who hold an Associate or Bachelor degree. The IRR ECTC can be completed through a transcript review process or a portfolio review process. Applications are available and can be obtained using the link below.


Quotes from early childhood professionals who have completed the IRR ECTC over the past year:

“My experience with the ECTC process while demanding, was overall pleasant……..However, my experience is that the ECTC process was an amazing way to offer individuals like myself the opportunity to become what they already are and I appreciate there even being an IRR ECTC process”    -Natasha M.

“This is a great learning experience professionally and personally……The transcript review allowed me to revisit courses in which I took to obtain my degree and see how they shaped the teacher as well as overall person I have become”     -Krista C.