Conference Scholarship Information 

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The Conference Scholarship will allow attendance for CTAEYC members and non-members who are interested in learning new and innovative techniques, share resources, and meet new early childhood professionals. This award encourages involvement in CTAEYC and provides continual growth and vitality in the field of early childhood education.


Scholarships are available to both members and non-members.

  • To be eligible for a full scholarship, an applicant must be a current NAEYC/CTAEYC member in good standing.  Members will pay $5, and receive a scholarship to cover the other portion of the registration fee ($70).

  • For non-members, the applicant will re responsible for $20 and will receive a scholarship of $70.


Scholarship applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  This year, scholarship applicants will pre-pay their portion of the registration fee.  If the application does not meet the scholarship criteria, the applicant will be invoiced for the remainder of the fee.

Conference Registration
and Scholarship Application

Scholarship Registration includes full day access to the CTAEYC Annual conference on October 15, & 30 days of post-conference access to recorded sessions.

Registration Fees:
$5 for NAEYC/CTAEYC Members ($70 covered by scholarship)

$20 for non-members ($70 covered by scholarship)

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Thanks for submitting your application and registration! We will be in contact soon!