CTAEYC Conference Recorded Sessions 30 Day Pass

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Couldn't make it to the conference on Saturday, February 20?

Purchase a 30 day pass to view 20 recorded conference sessions, including the keynote by Kevin Booker, Jr.  Upon purchase, you will receive a link (and password) to a password protected website.  The website will be active for 30 days post-conference.  

Please note that professional development certificates are not available with the purchase of a Conference Recorded Session 30 Day Pass.  

Conference Recorded Session 30 Day Pass

Payment:  $20

Thank you so much for your purchase!

Recorded Sessions:
Opening Keynote with Kevin Booker, Jr
A Stands for Advocate
Secrets of Baby Behavior
Mindful Teachers/Mindful Children
It Takes a Village
Building Child and Family Resiliency 
Now's the Time: Keynote by Susan MacDonald
Supporting Social Success in the COVID Classroom
From Adversity to Resiliency 
Mindology Fitness with Troy Byer
Stress Relief at Your Fingertips with Tapping
Zoom Tips & Tricks
Safe & Effective Dance and Sports Activities 
Building Resilience Through Early Talk
Imaginative & Inventive Block Play
Taking a Mindful Moment
Technology in the ECE Classroom
An Introduction to SPACE (Yale)
View all 18 sessions with your 30 Day Pass!